5 Important Facts About Root Canal Treatment

November 16, 2021 by Everton Hills Admin
  1. Your teeth have inner and outer sections.

Some people who have not studied dentistry may assume that the tooth is hard the whole way through, but this is not the case. As your dentist Gaythorne will tell you, each tooth has a hard outer layer called dentine, which forms a protected inside chamber. Dental pulp fills this chamber and consists of blood vessels and nerves. During childhood, dental pulp is important for nourishing teeth and helping them grow into correctly sized adult teeth.

2. Pain and infection make a root canal necessary.

Unlike some dental procedures, a root canal treatment at your dentist McDowall is often necessary, not a matter of choice. Tooth decay can wear down at the exterior of the teeth, causing cavities. If this erosion and decay is sufficiently advanced, it will make it to the centre chamber of the tooth, infecting the pulp. This often causes people a lot of pain, either spontaneous pain while they are just sitting there, or pain when they eat or drink, particularly hot or cold foods. On top of this, the infection can ultimately wear away at the root, leading to tooth loss. It can even affect the jawbone if the infection spreads.

3. A root canal is all about preventing further infection or decay.

A root canal at your dentist Everton Park is not only about removing pain, though this may be the most urgent symptom that requires you to have a root canal treatment at your dentist Stafford. It is also about preventing further decay and infection. To this end, the process at your dentist Ferny Hills involves removing all the infected pulp, pus and other matter from the internal cavern. The empty area must then be shaped to eliminate the chance of lingering bacteria, prior to this area being permanently filled with a purpose-made dental material. In some cases that have required significant removal of tooth mineral. A dental crown may then be fitted by your dentist Everton Hills to restore appearances and to protect your affected tooth.

4. A root canal at your Everton Hills dentist can preserve your natural teeth.

One of the major appeals of the root canal procedure is that it enables clients to keep their natural teeth. Most people wish to keep their natural teeth, because they look exactly like all other teeth and because it can cost less than cosmetic treatments such as dental implants and dental bridges. Sometimes a tooth with pulp removed may turn a light grey over time; however, it is still very much a living tooth. This can be corrected with tooth whitening treatments at your dentist Mitchelton or other dentist near me.

5. A root canal is not a painful procedure.

Root canals have an undeserved reputation as a procedure that is painful. However, this dates to the time before modern pain relief and anaesthetic options to ensure a pleasant experience for clients. You can ask your dentist Keperra about sedation dentistry and anaesthetic to ensure a more pleasant and numb experience. Afterwards, a small amount of local pain or swelling may occur within the area, but this can generally be relieved with simple pain relief medication.

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