Tooth aches can be frustrating, painful and nerve-wracking. If you are currently experience pain around your teeth and gums, you will probably be wondering what the cause of the pain is and how you can eliminate it. In the blog article, we have listed some of the major contributors to toothache, which may help you grasp an idea of what could be causing the discomfort.

It’s important to note that tooth aches are not normal, so you should try to see your dentist as soon as possible if you notice significant pain around your teeth or gums. Our Everton Hills dentists can examine your mouth and identify the cause of any pain. We will then be able to offer a tailored treatment plan to alleviate your pain and fix any oral issues you are experiencing.

If your oral pain is so intense that you are unable to eat, talk, or go to work/school, you should contact our dentist near me so we can book you into an emergency appointment. We will rearrange our schedule to ensure we can see you as soon as possible and address any problems you may be having. In the meantime, a cold compress and standard anti-inflammatory medicine may help to reduce your toothache.

1. Wisdom teeth eruption.

Wisdom teeth commonly cause oral pain as they start to move and erupt from the gums. These third molars are positioned at the rear of your jaw and generally start to appear around the ages of 16-25. If your oral pain is occurring at the back of your mouth and you are yet to have your wisdom teeth come through, this could potentially be the reason for your pain.

It’s important that you visit your Everton Hills dentist so they can conduct x-rays of your mouth and determine whether your wisdom teeth need to be extracted or not. If the molars are impacted or infected, it’s highly likely that your dentist will recommend wisdom teeth removal.

2. Gum disease.

In some rare cases, gum disease or toothache can cause tooth sensitivity and oral pain. The more common symptoms of gum disease include bleeding and swelling around the gums. Thankfully, gum disease can often be reversed in its early stages if you seek oral hygiene advice from your dentist near me.

3. Tooth decay.

Severe tooth decay can sometimes be known to cause tooth pain. Your dentist may recommend that you have fillings or dental restorations to overcome a decaying tooth.

4. Dental infection.

Soreness around your teeth could be a sign of infection. It’s very important that you have dental infections addressed as soon as possible by your dentist Everton Hills, dentist McDowall, dentist Mitchelton, dentist Stafford, dentist Keperra, dentist Gaythorne or dentist Ferny Hills, so the infection doesn’t spread throughout the mouth or cause further damage.

5. Tooth or jaw injury.

It’s common for mouth trauma, such as a collision or injury, to cause oral pain. An appointment at your dentist Everton Park will allow the problem to be identified and dealt with accordingly. Depending on the specifics of your injury, your dentist near me may recommend dental restorations or general pain medicine to deal with the toothache.

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Dental decay — otherwise known as dental cavities — occurs when bacterial plaque and acid by-products destroy the outer layer of your tooth enamel. When you consume food and drink that has high contents of sugar, acid can be produced in the mouth. This acid then breaks down the surface of your tooth over time and causes the dental decay or cavities.

Tooth decay is most common in the tooth at the rear of your mouth. These molars tend to have more pits and grooves than other teeth, which is why bacteria and plaque can easily build-up in these areas and start to create cavities.

There are measures you can take to prevent the possibility of a tooth cavity. These include:

  • Brush your teeth thoroughly twice per day, after eating or drinking
  • Rinse your mouth regularly
  • Use fluoride toothpaste, as fluoride is a type of mineral that can prevent tooth decay from progressing
  • Visit your dentist twice per year, or as recommended by your Everton Hills dental clinic
  • Avoid frequent snacking and sipping, and prioritise larger filling meals instead
  • Drink tap water rather than sugary beverages
  • Drink through a straw to avoid contact with enamel
  • Consume a healthy diet
  • Consider preventative dental tools and techniques, such as fissure sealants

When decay happens, the cavity can spread deeper into the tooth, nerve, or adjacent teeth. Hence, it is important that you address tooth decay as soon as it becomes apparent. If you are attending your recommended biannual dental check-ups and cleans with your dentist arana hills, it is likely that they will spot and identify the tooth decay in its early stages.

If you have been neglecting your regular dental check-ups or have been unable to visit your dentist everton park you be able to notice tooth decay by yourself if you can identify grey or black areas developing in your teeth. You might also recognise bad breath smell. Some of the major symptoms of tooth decay include:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Pain when eating/drinking
  • Rough edges
  • Visible lesions

Solutions for tooth decay and tooth cavities

Pinpointing cavities at their earliest stage is the best way to prevent toothaches and costly dental treatments. That way, they can be cleaned out and the lesion repaired with a small white filling. A tooth filing is a material that is inserted and applied to your decaying tooth. Most fillings are made with porcelain inlay or composite materials.

The benefits of a tooth filling include restoring the original shape and function of your tooth. It can prevent further damage to the tooth, which can ultimately reduce the likelihood and necessity of an extraction and replacement. Once the filling is in your mouth, you will most likely not even notice its presence, as it will act like a normal tooth. If you previously has issues with chewing around your decaying tooth, you may notice that these problems are alleviated with the dental filling.

The procedure for a dental filling is both safe and effective. Your dentist near me may be able to provide numbing cream or local anaesthetic to make the procedure as pain-free and minimally invasive as possible. Most filling procedures take about an hour or less, however your Everton Park dentist will be able to give more precise details about your procedure before you visit the clinic for your appointment.

Dental fillings can last anywhere between 10 to 12 years before they need to be replaced. If you are concerned about the appearance of a dental filling in your mouth, you can ask your dentist near me about tooth-coloured fillings that can actually enhance the aesthetic of your smile.

Where can you get tooth decay treatments in Everton Hills?

Most dentists will be able to help you prevent, manage and treat your tooth decay. At Everton Hills Dental, we regularly work with patients who want to fix or avoid decaying teeth. Our specialist dental team can provide tailored advice to help you prevent any dental problems and restore functionality if you have experienced tooth decay.

As well as offering tooth decay treatment and dental fillings, our Everton Park dental clinic is committed to comprehensive dental care. Our other services include: dental crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, veeners, full mouth rehabilitation, wisdom teeth removal, white fillings, gum disease, tooth ache, cosmetic dentistry Everton Hills, root canal treatment, dental implants, children’s dental Everton Hills, and emergency dental Everton Hills, dentist McDowall, dentist Mitchelton, dentist Stafford, dentist Keperra, dentist Gaythorne, dentist Ferny Hills,.

To get in touch with our Everton Hills dentist, you can contact our team on (07) 3354 1448. Alternatively, you can book an appointment online using our digital booking system. While you’re there, you can also learn more about our team and clinic by browsing our Everton Hills dental website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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1. You have a broken or chipped tooth.

Broken and chipped teeth are common when playing high contact sports or engaging in complex, high-risk activities. If you have a damaged tooth, you should visit your Everton Hills dentist immediately so the damage can be assessed. Emergency dental treatment will also be able to examine whether further damage has occurred beyond the naked eye.

2. You have swelling or bleeding in your gums and around your teeth.

Swelling and bleeding are always a sign that something more problematic is happening in your mouth. Bleeding can be an indication of gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. When caught in its early stages, gum disease is almost always reversible. However, if your gum disease develops into later stages, it may cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums.

3. You have an abscessed tooth.

An abscessed tooth is essentially a pocket of pus that can form as a result of a bacterial infection. Tooth abscess are a dental emergency because they can lead to serious infections that can then spread throughout your body. The sooner your tooth abscess is addressed, the better the outcome will be for you. In some cases, root canal treatment is used to treat a tooth abscess, however the recommended solution will be dependent on your dentist’s findings from an examination of your mouth.

4. You are getting a severe tooth ache or oral pain.

Oral pain isn’t normal, so it’s important that you visit your Everton Hills dentist to have any pain assessed. Even if the pain is temporary or presents itself in an on/off manner, the problem will remain until you have it addressed by an dentist everton park. Our dentists recommend that if you’re in so much pain that you’re unable to eat or go to work/school, it’s crucial you go with emergency dental treatment near you.

5. You have fractured dental work (including crowns, bridges, etc).

If a dental restoration or piece of dental work has become broken or fractured, you should see your dentist near me as soon as possible. Sometimes, fractured dental work can be harmful to the rest of your smile. So it’s vital that a local dentist examines your mouth and determines whether there is more damage is seened.

6. You have a knocked-out tooth or teeth.

Whenever you suffer an oral injury, you should try to visit your dentist near me as soon as possible. When missing teeth aren’t addressed by a dental professional, they can lead to other complications such as: misalignment of your smile, crowded teeth, gum disease, oral pain and loss of functionality in your mouth.

What is not considered to be an emergency?

At Everton Hills Dental, we understand how difficult it can be to determine the severity of your dental issues. If you are experiencing a complex situation that doesn’t perfectly line up with any of the above six signs that you need emergency care, you should still contact your dentist near me. Most dental clinics would be happy to briefly discuss your circumstances over the phone and determine whether you need emergency care or a standard appointment.

Some situations which may not necessarily require emergency dental care, but for which you should still book an appointment with your dentist, include:

  • Your general six-monthly check-up and hygiene treatment
  • Consultations regarding cosmetic dentistry
  • Any standard appointments and check-ups as recommended by your dentist

Our Everton Park dental clinic would always recommend that you contact our friendly team and advise us of your situation over the phone. Once we understand the unique set of circumstances you are being faced with, we can determine whether your dental woes require urgent assessment and treatment.

As a non-judgemental dental clinic in Everton Hills, we will never criticise you for contacting us about any concerns or worries you may have regarding your own oral health or the oral health of your family. If you’re not sure, always ask.


How does Everton Hills Dental accommodate emergency appointments?

Emergencies don’t tend to happen at the most convenient times.  We provide same-day emergency dentistry services for all ages and types of patients.

In the meantime, there may be some measures you can take to reduce your oral pain. These include taking standard anti-inflammatory medicines, applying a cold compress to the sore area, and resting your jaw as much as possible.

To get in touch with the smile makeover team and book an appointment for emergency dental treatments like dental implants, veneers and much more, contact us on (07) 3354 1448. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Losing or damaging a tooth can be disappointing and frightening. Some people suffer damaged teeth because of decay, whereas others lose or damage teeth due to injury. Either way, it is important that you seek an emergency dental appointment at your dentist Everton Park to have the area inspected as soon as possible. Your dentist will be able to investigate your mouth and provide treatment options and personalised advice regarding a smile makeover.

In many cases, your dentist Arana Hills will suggest that you have your missing tooth or severely damaged tooth replaced with a same day dental crown, dental implant or dental bridge (or a combination, depending on your situation).

Firstly, it’s important to address why you should get damaged teeth repaired or replaced. If you do not repair or replace severely damaged or lost teeth, a range of issues can occur. All dentists Everton Hills agree that it is easier, less painful and more cost-effective to have a problematic tooth addressed now rather than deal with the problems that can arise later.

Some of the things you may experience if you do not repair your tooth include:

  • Changes to the shape of your face
  • Changes to your teeth alignment and bite
  • Deterioration of jawbone and bone loss
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Dissatisfaction with the appearance of your smile
  • Increased tooth grinding
  • Irregular enamel wear
  • Difficulty chewing and biting
  • Tooth pain, leading to headaches
  • Increased likelihood of gum disease and tooth decay

Luckily, there are several ways you can effectively repair or replace a tooth that is missing. When you visit your dentist Everton Park, they may recommend that you have a same day dental crown with our CEREC primemill technology, or a dental bridge or dental implant to fill the gap and restore functionality in your mouth.

A common aspect of a smile makeover, a same day dental crown at your dentist Arana Hills is a cap that is placed atop your existing tooth or dental implant to act as an artificial replacement for your lost tooth. Dental crowns are semi-permanent fixtures that help protect worn, broken, and severely decayed teeth so that they can function for several more years.

We complete them with the most up-to-date milling technology, the CEREC primemill. Our equipment is computer-precise and delivers crowns tailored to your mouth faster than has ever been possible.

Is the process for fixing damaged teeth complex?

At Everton Hills Dental, we pride ourselves on Experience, Value and Technology. Because dental technology has vastly progressed over recent years and we have equipped ourselves with the latest equipment, dental crowns and bridges are now easier, quicker and safer than ever before. Notably, our dentist Everton Park offers same day crowns to help you replace a severely damaged or missing tooth in just one dental appointment at your dentist near me.

Our 3D digital scanning means we can promptly obtain an impression of your smile which a crown or bridge can be developed from. In-house milling equipment, specifically the CEREC primemill, allows your crown to be created instantly, and our dental experts are committed to preparing your teeth and attaching the same day crowns as soon as possible.

Not only do we use this modern equipment for the best possible results and the most pain-free experience; we also ensure that our prices are great value to our customers, and each of our dentists channels their years of experience and training into every consultation, to deliver the best possible dentistry experience for visitors. It’s important that you visit your dentist Everton Park to discuss what options are best suited to you and your circumstances.

Why choose Everton Hills for your same day crowns and bridges?

At Everton Hills Dental, we offer a comprehensive range of dental services to our clients. Our experienced team pride themselves on offering affordable consults and services in a modern and advanced dentistry setting. In addition to dental crowns and bridges, our services include:

  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Same day crowns
  • Dental veneers
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • White fillings
  • Gum disease treatment and diagnosis
  • Tooth ache examination
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth decay and fillings treatment
  • Dental implants

To learn more about our services at Everton Hills Dental, or to book an appointment with our experienced dental team, contact us on (07) 3354 1448. You can also easily book a check-up via the booking system on our website. When looking for a smile makeover expert, dentist Mitchelton, dentist Stafford, dentist Keperra, dentist Gaythorne and dentist Ferny Hills, look no further.

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Cosmetic dental treatments are many and varied, with more dentists around the country now choosing to offer cosmetic dentistry options to their patients. At our Everton Park dental clinic, we have always proudly offered solutions for smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations. There are multiple treatments available for people who want to improve the aesthetic of their smile and regain confidence, with just some of these cosmetic dentistry solutions being listed below.

1. Professional teeth whitening.

Stained or discoloured teeth are a common problem. Some people have teeth that are naturally subject to staining, while some people regularly consume foods that are known to discolour teeth over time. Either way, there is a solution for yellow or darkened teeth. Professional teeth whitening completed at your dentist near me is a safe, effective and affordable way to rejuvenate your smile instantly. Our dentists Everton Hills use ZOOM! teeth whitening technology which provides a brighter and stronger result that any over-the-counter products or DIY teeth whitening methods.

2. Dental veneers.

Dental veneers are essentially a cap or cover that gets placed over your existing teeth to mask stained or misshapen appearance. Veneers can transform the appearance of your smile. It also make your teeth instantly appear whiter, straighter and more properly shaped. The dental veneer procedure is usually carried out over two separate appointments to your dentist Everton Park, dentist McDowall or dentist Ferny Hills.

3. Dental implants.

It’s important to replace missing teeth to avoid further damage or disruption to your mouth. A gap in your smile might cause other teeth to move and cause trouble. Dental implants are a screw-like structure that is placed in your gum to support a fake tooth and embody a tooth root. A dental implant can then hold an artificial tooth or dental crown.

4. Dental crowns and bridges.

Dental crowns and bridges are essentially used as artificial teeth to replace a severely damaged or missing tooth (crown) or several missing teeth (bridges). The team at Everton Hills Dental can provide customised ceramic restorations that provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing replacement for the gaps in your smile. As well as improving appearance, crowns and bridges can help to restore functionality while you are chewing.

5. Orthodontics.

For people who want to straighten a crooked smile, orthodontic treatment may be a suitable option as a best cosmetic dentistry treatment. Your dentist near me may be able to refer you to a qualified orthodontist who can then determine if you are an appropriate candidate for braces or clear aligner treatment.


How can Everton Hills Dental help you with a smile makeover?

At Everton Hills Dental, we are committed to providing a comprehensive solution for transforming your smile and helping you regain your confidence. We’ve been providing smile makeovers since we first opened our clinic, and our patients have been reaping the benefits of our modern technology for years. There’s no need to feel self-conscious any longer – there are a range of dental issues that we can help you mask or permanently fix, including:

  • Stained or discoloured teeth
  • Misshaped teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

Our process for a smile makeover or full mouth rehabilitation is simple. Firstly, we will have a conversation with you to understand what you want to achieve from your smile makeover. Everyone is different, so there’s no right or wrong answer. During this time, we will also learn more about your financial budget and desired timeframe for the smile makeover to be completed within.

Once we understand what you want to achieve, we can complete a thorough examination of your mouth to determine what treatment options may be appropriate for you. We may need to conduct x-rays to fully interpret the structure and condition of your teeth and gums.

Next, our dentists Everton Park will advise you on the range of treatment options available to you. There’s no obligation to proceed with any treatment plan. You have as much time as you need to think about your options and make the best decision for you. Along the way, be sure to ask our dentists Everton Hills any questions you may have so we can explain everything in as much detail as possible.

At everton hill dental clinic, dentist arana hills offer a range dental treatments: professional teeth whitening, dental veneers and more.

To get started on your journey to an enhanced smile, contact our team today by phoning (07) 3354 1448 or by booking an appointment online. We look forward to meeting you!

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