cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic dental treatments are many and varied, with more dentists around the country now choosing to offer cosmetic dentistry options to their patients. At our Everton Park dental clinic, we have always proudly offered solutions for smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations. There are multiple treatments available for people who want to improve the aesthetic of their smile and regain confidence, with just some of these cosmetic dentistry solutions being listed below. 1. Professional teeth
gum disease
Seeing blood on your toothbrush or half-eaten food, or tasting blood in your mouth, can be a frightening experience. Particularly if you’ve never experienced bleeding gums before, you may be concerned about  what has caused the bleeding to start. Everton Hills dental clinic, we often see patients who are experiencing bleeding gums and we help them to achieve a full recovery from the problem. While bleeding gums definitely is a sign/symptom of a problem within
Smile Makeover
Are you experiencing pain because of decay or chipped teeth? Do you have full functionality in your mouth? Have you ever looked in a mirror and been unhappy with the appearance of your smile? If you are unsatisfied or frustrated by your smile, there is no need to continue feeling discontent any longer. Cosmetic dentistry and professional dental treatment can put an end to a range of issues, allowing you to feel more confident and
same day crowns
Dental technology is progressing rapidly – and our dentists love staying atop the trends! As a patient to our clinic, you will have access to the most progressive and modern technology, as well as dentists who are knowledgeable about the safest and simplest treatment options to enhance your smile. In past centuries, most dental rehabilitation treatments were costly, longwinded and painful for patients. We are glad to say that, nowadays, you can have a revolutionising
wisdom teeth removal
At Everton Hills Dental, we regularly have patients asking about wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth removal. In this blog article, we hope to answer some of the frequently asked questions and help you understand the best steps to take to ensure good oral health and minimal complications. First of all, it’s important to understand what your wisdom teeth are. Your wisdom teeth, otherwise known as third molars, are the final teeth to erupt in your
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