Dental Erosion – What Is It And How Can I Prevent It?

December 16, 2021 by Everton Hills Admin

Dental erosion is a common issue, but the public are not necessarily aware of the existence of the  erosion they may be experiencing. In this article, our dentist Everton Hills will be explaining the signs you may have dental erosion, what causes it, how you can prevent it, and what you can do to treat damage caused by erosion.

What Is Dental Erosion And What Causes Dental Erosion?

In basic terms, erosion refers to the loss of the surface material of your teeth.

It is most commonly a result of too much natural acid within your mouth. This can be due to the consumption of acidic foods and beverages. It can also be due to stomach acids that emerge into your mouth through reflux or other conditions.

Erosion is not always the result of the acid eating away at the surface of the tooth. The acid can instead soften the material of the tooth, which then becomes more vulnerable to being worn away, for example through the grinding of teeth during sleep.

It may result in specific patterns of wear that your dentist Arana Hills can recognise, such as shortened teeth.

How Can I Tell If I Am Suffering From Dental Erosion?

First and foremost, it may be noticed through the visible loss of tooth structure. However, it may also be noticed through a smooth and shiny surface to the teeth. If your teeth become grey, this may mean that the enamel has worn away, revealing the dentin underneath.

The part of the tooth that chews may start to show as having ‘cups’ or ‘depressions’ which may be a different colour, more of an off-white or yellow.

It can also manifest to your dentist near me as tooth pain, or more specifically, tooth sensitivity. If you are experiencing sharp tooth pain when you consume a hot beverage or food such as coffee or a cold item such as ice cream, this may indicate that erosion has occurred.

What Can I Do?

The amount of acid in the mouth can vary greatly even in a short period as habits and health change, which is one reason why your dentist Everton Hills recommends a regularly check up every six months. That way, your dentist can monitor for dental erosion when they examine your mouth during your appointment.

Your dentist Keperra will also be able to make tailored recommendations on how to prevent further dental erosion. This may include diet adjustments, the timing of foods and drinks, dental hygiene methods, examining your broader health, reflux treatment, mouth rinsing with specified liquids, toothbrush recommendations, and mouthguards, among other preventative solutions.

If you are experiencing advanced dental erosion, there are multiple dental solutions that are available through your dentist Gaythorne. Depending on how the erosion is manifesting, veneers, fillings, and crowns may be able to correct the visual damage that the tooth has sustained. The exposed tooth root may lead to infection or to nerve pain, which may then also make a root canal treatment necessary.

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