How To Replace Missing Teeth In Everton Hills

February 15, 2022 by Everton Hills Admin

Thanks to the advances of modern dentistry, there is no need to live with missing teeth. In fact, not replacing missing teeth at your Everton Park dentist can have adverse consequences. The obvious consequence is the impact on self-confidence. However, the impacts can be physical too.

Missing teeth allow the surrounding teeth to shift out of position, which can change appearance and bite. It can become harder to properly clean teeth, leading to decay. Without the tooth root in place, the size of the jawbone may actually visibly shrink and affect the appearance of the face. If left for too long, it can become harder and harder to have your tooth replaced.

Below we will be discussing some of the missing tooth replacement options you may be offered by your Everton Hills dentist, McDowall dentist, Mitchelton dentist, Stafford dentist, Keperra dental surgery, Gaythorne dentist, Ferny Hills dentist or other dentist near me.

Option 1: Dental implants

A dental implant consists of a titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone, with which it fuses over time. This acts as the anchor for a dental crown that fits over this screw. This dental crown has the appearance of a real tooth, and it restores chewing function and appearance to the mouth.

Your suitability for dental implants at your Everton Park or Everton Hills dentist will depend on your overall health, the available space, the characteristics of your bite, and the health of your gums. Implants are popular because they are permanently in place, and they do not impact the surrounding teeth.

Option 2: Dental bridges

A dental bridge is another method that your McDowall dentist or Mitchelton dentist may be able to use to ‘bridge’ a gap between your teeth, over the place where you have a missing tooth. A bridge consists in multiple crowns joined together.

The crown over the gap is secured in place by the surrounding teeth. These teeth will need to be prepared so that they are suitable to hold the crown. The process may also require the taking of moulds or impressions, a process that will be sped up if your dentist Gaythorne offers same day crowns. During the procedure, the crown will be bonded onto these surrounding teeth.

Option 3: Dentures

Dentures are a method of replacing missing teeth that is often used as individuals grow older and when the loss of teeth relates to age. If you get partial dentures, your dentist Ferny Hills may be able to work with you to preserve your existing natural teeth. Partial dentures grip onto the existing teeth and hold the dentures or false teeth in place this way.

Your Stafford dentist will custom design your dentures so that they fit your mouth and are as comfortable as possible. Dentures can take some time to get used to, and your dentist arana hills can support you through this process and provide advice along the way. Dentures can be replaced and cleaned regularly, unlike the other methods of teeth replacement.

Everton Hills Dental Clinic can help you find a solution for missing teeth that works for your circumstances and budget. If you would like to find out more about the above methods and to find out whether they will work for you, please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 3354 1448 or, or to book online. We also provide lots of other services like smile makeover, full mouth rehabilation, free kids dental treatments, dental veneers and much more.

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