Seeing blood on your toothbrush or half-eaten food, or tasting blood in your mouth, can be a frightening experience. Particularly if you’ve never experienced bleeding gums before, you may be concerned about  what has caused the bleeding to start.

Everton Hills dental clinic, we often see patients who are experiencing bleeding gums and we help them to achieve a full recovery from the problem. While bleeding gums definitely is a sign/symptom of a problem within your mouth, it is often a manageable or solvable problem. Therefore, you don’t need to become too stressed or anxious as long as you can book an appointment soon with your Everton Park dentist.

Most likely cause of your bleeding gums is gum disease (also known as periodontal disease, periodontitis, and gingivitis). If you do, in fact, have gum disease, some other symptoms you may be noticing include:

  • Swollen, puffy or inflamed gums
  • Receding gum line
  • Soreness in and around the mouth
  • Wobbly or mobile teeth
  • Poor smelling breath
  • Visible build-up of tartar on your teeth or around the gum line
  • Spaces developing between teeth

Although gum disease is the most common cause of bleeding gums, it isn’t the only possible reason you are noticing blood when you brush your teeth or eat. Other potential causes of bleeding gums include:

  • Hormonal changes (pregnancy or otherwise)
  • Bleeding disorders (hemophilia or leukemia)
  • Incorrectly worn or incorrectly fitted dentures
  • Vitamin deficiency (often vitamin C and vitamin K)
  • Some medications, including blood thinning medications

Regardless of what you think the cause of your bleeding gums is, it’s very important that you visit your Everton Hills dentist as soon as possible. It’s important that you address the problem as soon as possible so that the gum disease (or other problem) doesn’t escalate and cause significant damage to your smile. You should never ignore blood in your mouth.

With some gentle investigations into your mouth, your dentist near me will be able to identify the definite cause.

What causes gum disease?

Gum disease is generally caused by a build-up of plaque in the mouth, which is often a result of poor oral hygiene and ineffective oral cleaning. When the plaque (any bacteria and debris from food and drink) isn’t brushed off sufficiently, it sticks to the gum line and causes swelling, irritation and bleeding.

To avoid gingivitis and periodontitis, you should practice proper oral hygiene. This means you need to brush your teeth thoroughly twice per day and floss at least once per day. You also need to visit your Everton Park dental clinic every six months to undergo a deep professional clean with a hygienist.

How can gum disease be treated?

Thankfully, most cases of mild gum disease are reversible. When you visit your Everton Hills dentist, they will examine your mouth and identify where there is a build-up of plaque or evidence of tartar. Once they are confident that your bleeding gums are a result of gum disease, they will be able to provide tailored advice to eliminate your problem. Some of the treatments and actions that your dentist near me is likely to recommend are:

  • Improving your oral hygiene (brushing and flossing regularly will stop more plaque from building up in your mouth)
  • Soft toothbrush (depending on your particular circumstances, your dentist may recommend this to reduce soreness in your mouth)
  • Use electric toothbrush for teeth whitening(this may clean your gum line more effectively than manual brushing)
  • Using an antiseptic mouthwash (to reduce plaque forming in the mouth)
  • Adopting a healthy diet plan that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Professional cleaning and hygiene treatment from a hygienist
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol heavily
  • More regular appointments with your Everton Hills dental clinic
  • Rinsing your gums with warm salty water (to help sooth swelling and inflammation)
  • Stop sharing toothbrushes and dental tools with other family members (as bacteria may spread from brushes to mouths)

Not taking action to minimise and eliminate your gum disease quickly will cause bacteria to spread in your mouth. This can ultimately result in oral pain, tooth decay or loss of teeth.

Gum disease is severe or complex, your dentist everton park near me may be able to recommend other solutions. In highly advanced cases, periodontal surgery may be required.

Contact Everton Hills Dental, your dentist McDowall, dentist Mitchelton, dentist Stafford, dentist Keperra, dentist Gaythorne, dentist Ferny Hills. You can also book for wisdom teeth removal, white fillings and lots of many treatments. Learn more about our gum disease solutions and treatment available in our clinic on our website.

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