Seeing blood on your toothbrush or half-eaten food, or tasting blood in your mouth, can be a frightening experience. Particularly if you’ve never experienced bleeding gums before, you may be concerned about  what has caused the bleeding to start.

Everton Hills dental clinic, we often see patients who are experiencing bleeding gums and we help them to achieve a full recovery from the problem. While bleeding gums definitely is a sign/symptom of a problem within your mouth, it is often a manageable or solvable problem. Therefore, you don’t need to become too stressed or anxious as long as you can book an appointment soon with your Everton Park dentist.

Most likely cause of your bleeding gums is gum disease (also known as periodontal disease, periodontitis, and gingivitis). If you do, in fact, have gum disease, some other symptoms you may be noticing include:

  • Swollen, puffy or inflamed gums
  • Receding gum line
  • Soreness in and around the mouth
  • Wobbly or mobile teeth
  • Poor smelling breath
  • Visible build-up of tartar on your teeth or around the gum line
  • Spaces developing between teeth

Although gum disease is the most common cause of bleeding gums, it isn’t the only possible reason you are noticing blood when you brush your teeth or eat. Other potential causes of bleeding gums include:

  • Hormonal changes (pregnancy or otherwise)
  • Bleeding disorders (hemophilia or leukemia)
  • Incorrectly worn or incorrectly fitted dentures
  • Vitamin deficiency (often vitamin C and vitamin K)
  • Some medications, including blood thinning medications

Regardless of what you think the cause of your bleeding gums is, it’s very important that you visit your Everton Hills dentist as soon as possible. It’s important that you address the problem as soon as possible so that the gum disease (or other problem) doesn’t escalate and cause significant damage to your smile. You should never ignore blood in your mouth.

With some gentle investigations into your mouth, your dentist near me will be able to identify the definite cause.

What causes gum disease?

Gum disease is generally caused by a build-up of plaque in the mouth, which is often a result of poor oral hygiene and ineffective oral cleaning. When the plaque (any bacteria and debris from food and drink) isn’t brushed off sufficiently, it sticks to the gum line and causes swelling, irritation and bleeding.

To avoid gingivitis and periodontitis, you should practice proper oral hygiene. This means you need to brush your teeth thoroughly twice per day and floss at least once per day. You also need to visit your Everton Park dental clinic every six months to undergo a deep professional clean with a hygienist.

How can gum disease be treated?

Thankfully, most cases of mild gum disease are reversible. When you visit your Everton Hills dentist, they will examine your mouth and identify where there is a build-up of plaque or evidence of tartar. Once they are confident that your bleeding gums are a result of gum disease, they will be able to provide tailored advice to eliminate your problem. Some of the treatments and actions that your dentist near me is likely to recommend are:

  • Improving your oral hygiene (brushing and flossing regularly will stop more plaque from building up in your mouth)
  • Soft toothbrush (depending on your particular circumstances, your dentist may recommend this to reduce soreness in your mouth)
  • Use electric toothbrush for teeth whitening(this may clean your gum line more effectively than manual brushing)
  • Using an antiseptic mouthwash (to reduce plaque forming in the mouth)
  • Adopting a healthy diet plan that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Professional cleaning and hygiene treatment from a hygienist
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol heavily
  • More regular appointments with your Everton Hills dental clinic
  • Rinsing your gums with warm salty water (to help sooth swelling and inflammation)
  • Stop sharing toothbrushes and dental tools with other family members (as bacteria may spread from brushes to mouths)

Not taking action to minimise and eliminate your gum disease quickly will cause bacteria to spread in your mouth. This can ultimately result in oral pain, tooth decay or loss of teeth.

Gum disease is severe or complex, your dentist everton park near me may be able to recommend other solutions. In highly advanced cases, periodontal surgery may be required.

Contact Everton Hills Dental, your dentist McDowall, dentist Mitchelton, dentist Stafford, dentist Keperra, dentist Gaythorne, dentist Ferny Hills. You can also book for wisdom teeth removal, white fillings and lots of many treatments. Learn more about our gum disease solutions and treatment available in our clinic on our website.

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Are you experiencing pain because of decay or chipped teeth? Do you have full functionality in your mouth? Have you ever looked in a mirror and been unhappy with the appearance of your smile?

If you are unsatisfied or frustrated by your smile, there is no need to continue feeling discontent any longer. Cosmetic dentistry and professional dental treatment can put an end to a range of issues, allowing you to feel more confident and experience less pain in your mouth.

In the modern day, solutions for smile enhancement are quicker, easier, more accessible, and more affordable than ever before. There is nothing holding you back from improving the state of your teeth and reaping the benefits of a natural-looking, fully-functioning smile.

You can make 2021 the year for a revolutionary smile makeover.


What are some ways to transform your smile?

All dentists will agree that DIY at-home methods for enhancing your smile don’t provide the same outcomes as professional dental treatments. To rejuvenate and refresh your smile in a safe, long-lasting and professional manner, you need the support of an expert dental team.

Patients seek the help of Everton Park dentists for a number of reasons. They may be wanting to restore or repair damaged teeth, replace missing teeth and more.

Some common and popular dental treatments include:

  • Professional teeth whitening – to enhance the colour of your teeth
  • Dental veneers – to cover chipped, stained, or misshapen teeth
  • Dental crowns and bridges – to cover or replace damaged and missing teeth
  • Same day crowns – to cover damaged or decayed teeth
  • Teeth straightening – to realign crooked teeth or gaps and provide a straight smile
  • White fillings – to fill in a decayed area
  • Dental implants – to replace missing teeth
  • Root canal treatment – to treat infections and dental abscesses
  • Dental advice/ preventative dentistry – to improve your oral health and naturally enhance your smile

At Everton Hills Dental, we have all the necessary technology and staff to provide the above services to our patients. We are experienced in providing total smile makeovers and have successfully helped hundreds of patients in the local area. Our clinic is proof that your dental woes can be turned around for good.

What are the first steps towards a total smile makeover?

Firstly, the best way to achieve a complete smile makeover will be different for each individual. There is no one treatment that will suit everyone. That’s why it’s important that you consult with your dentist Arana Hills to decipher what the best treatments will be for rejuvenating your smile.

After an examination and assessment, your dentist Everton Park should be able to provide a full treatment plan with the best options to deliver the results you desire. They will explain pricing, procedure details, and timeframes to you so you can make the most informed decision.

To get started on your journey to an improved smile, arrange a consultation with your nearest dentist Everton Hills. Your dentist will take care of the rest!

Before booking an appointment with a dentist near me, be sure to research the services available in their clinic.

The best dentists in Everton Hills will have the following:

  • Have a range of general, cosmetic and orthodontic services available for you: You don’t want to be referred externally for all your procedures and treatments in the future, so visit a dentist that can streamline the process by providing all dental services under one roof.
  • Offer flexible and affordable dentist payment plans: Some complex dental procedures can become expensive, so it’s important that you work with a dentist who can accept a range of health funds and alternate payment methods.
  • Deliver gentle dental treatment in a comfortable setting: Pain-free dental experiences are possible, so be sure to attend a dentist that makes your wellbeing a priority.
  • Have the most modern equipment and tools: To ensure you are getting the safest and most effective treatment, you need to work with a dentist that has excellent equipment onsite.
  • Be conveniently located for you: Just search for a dentist Everton Hills to find a dental clinic in Everton Hills

At Everton Hills Dental, we are proud to offer the above services and benefits to our patients, plus more. In addition to that, If you are interested in a smile makeover or general dentistry services, you can contact our friendly dental team today. Call us on (07) 3354 1448 or book an appointment online through Facebook or Instagram page for latest offers.

It would be our pleasure to transform your smile and boost your confidence today!


Dental technology is progressing rapidly – and our dentists love staying atop the trends! As a patient to our clinic, you will have access to the most progressive and modern technology, as well as dentists who are knowledgeable about the safest and simplest treatment options to enhance your smile.

In past centuries, most dental rehabilitation treatments were costly, longwinded and painful for patients. We are glad to say that, nowadays, you can have a revolutionising procedure (such as a crown) completed in just one appointment at your dentist Everton Hills.

Same day crowns are not only quick, but the procedure can be relatively pain-free. Naturally, all dental procedures cause some form of discomfort, however our Everton Park dentists are proud to offer leading gentle dental care that ensures your comfort is a priority. Our dentists are trained to perform procedures in the least invasive and most comfortable ways possible, plus we have the latest technology and resources in our clinic, meaning you can have a great experience with an effective outcome.

Firstly, let’s talk about what same day crowns are and how they work.

What are same day dental crowns?

Crowns (sometimes referred to as ‘caps’) cover the entire surface of your teeth – all the way from the gumline to the top surface. They can help to protect damaged or decaying teeth to ensure they can function for years to come. Crowns are permanent fixtures, often bonded to your existing teeth with a special type of dental cement. The caps themselves are usually made of metal or porcelain material. To ensure the crown complements the rest of your smile, the best Everton Park dentists will be able to fabricate a coloured cap that suits your surrounding teeth.

A same day crown means the entire procedure, including creation of the crown and attachment to your teeth, is completed within one visit to your dentist Everton Park. At Everton Hills Dental, our modern in-house milling equipment allows us to provide a professional dental crown service within hours. You can rejuvenate your smile without booking multiple days out of your calendar!

Some of the benefits of same day crowns include:

  • Quick procedure (unlike traditional crowns that can take multiple visits before completion)
  • Reduced risk of pain and infection because there is minimal time between the tooth being prepared and vulnerable, to when the crown is applied
  • Affordable and flexible payment options available at our dentist near me
  • Matching colour to your surrounding smile
  • Procedure conducted in a comfortable and convenient setting at Everton Hills Dental

At Everton Hills Dental, we often have patients accidentally confusing crowns and bridges. Although both a crown and bridge are treatment options for restoring your teeth, they have distinct differences. Dental bridges fill in the spaces between missing teeth and are usually placed so that an implant can be attached atop. Bridges are more suited to people who have lost a tooth entirely, whereas crowns are appropriate for most people who still have the tooth structure in their mouth. If you’re unsure which treatment option is best suited to you, you can discuss this with your dentist near me.


Who is a suitable candidate for same day crowns?

Crowns are typically suited to patients who have worn, broken or severely decayed teeth. A crown can have two major outcomes for damaged teeth: enhancing the visual appearance of your smile, and restoring functionality/health to the damaged tooth.

Before the crown is bonded, your dentist may need to prepare your existing tooth and make way for the crown cap. There will need to be enough healthy structure remaining on your existing tooth for the crown to be successful attached. Your dentist Everton Hills will be able to assess this detail and determine whether a crown will be suited to your smile during an appointment.

If you are not a suitable candidate for a same day crown, our dental experts may be able to suggest alternate methods for your smile makeover. We provide a range of dentistry services, which is why we are a preferred dentist near me. When you visit next visit our dentist Everton Park, be sure to ask our team about:

  • Full mouth rehabilitation services (smile makeover)
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Cosmetic dentistry treatment
  • General tooth repair and restoration, including white fillings, wisdom teeth removal, root canal treatment and implants

Same day crowns at Everton Hills Dental

If you are interested in same day crowns and would like more information, contact our dentist Everton Hills today. We also offer wisdom teeth removal, smile makeover, and general dentistry services. Our friendly dental team would be happy to discuss your options and provide a plan that suits your needs. Call us on (07) 3354 1448 or book an appointment online now. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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At Everton Hills Dental, we regularly have patients asking about wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth removal. In this blog article, we hope to answer some of the frequently asked questions and help you understand the best steps to take to ensure good oral health and minimal complications. First of all, it’s important to understand what your wisdom teeth are.

Your wisdom teeth, otherwise known as third molars, are the final teeth to erupt in your mouth. They typically emerge around the age of 18-25 (but some people may notice their wisdom earlier or later than this). The teeth are at positioned the rear of your jaw and mouth, so if you are noticing any changes or developments in this area, there’s a strong chance it could be your wisdom teeth making an appearance!

Despite common belief, wisdom teeth do not always need to be removed. Some people have successful eruption of their third molars, with no pain or associated problems, meaning they can have them remaining in their mouth and continuing to clean and monitor them like their other adult teeth.

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth are known to cause issues in the mouth and around half of all patients will need their third molars removed by a dentist Everton Hills.


How can you tell if your wisdom need to be removed?

As we have discussed, not everyone will need wisdom teeth removal. However, if your teeth are causing problems in your mouth (or your dentist near me predicts that they might in the future), it is best to have the teeth taken out. Some of the reasons you may need wisdom teeth removal are:

  • You are experiencing unbearable pain as the third molars erupt
  • An infection has become apparent around the eruption zone
  • You have substantial bleeding towards the back of your mouth
  • Your wisdom teeth are erupting at an unusual angle, potentially damaging other teeth or causing pain
  • Your wisdom teeth cannot erupt or have erupted partially
  • The alignment of your teeth is being altered by the new molars

The best way to determine whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed is by booking an appointment with your dentist near me. By examining your mouth and potentially conducting some X-rays, your trusted dentist will be able to see whether your third molars are currently creating damage as well as the likelihood of them creating issues in the future. X-ray technology can help your Everton Park dentist predict where your wisdom teeth are going to grow and if it will be in your best interests to have them removed early.


What is involved with wisdom teeth removal?

The process for removing wisdom teeth is different for every individual. Some patients may only need one tooth removed, whereas others will need all four taken out. Depending on where/how the teeth are positioned, the procedure to remove them may be fast and simple or slightly more complex.

Recovery from wisdom teeth removal may take between 24 hours and a week. Slight pain around the third molar area is normal, but can be alleviated with standard painkillers (speak to your dentist near me about what medicines are appropriate). Most people can continue their day-to-day lives as per usual despite the slight swelling that results from the process.

To understand how complex your wisdom teeth removal procedure will be, you will need to touch base with your dentist Everton Hills. Once they have examined your teeth and gums, they will be able to provide a more personalised and accurate picture of what the treatment and recovery will look like for you.

If you have dental anxiety and fear discomfort or pain while visiting the dentist, you should aim to attend a modern and gentle dentist in Everton Hills. Our dental team is proud to offer progressive dental care that involves gentle treatment in a leading-edge, comfortable clinic setting. It’s our goal for you to feel as comfortable as possible, so you needn’t have any stress leading up to your appointment. Our expert dentists Everton Park will keep you well informed, so you can fully understand the procedure that is taking place and have your worries eased.


Can Everton Hills Dental provide wisdom teeth removal services?

Our dentists have extensive experience with wisdom teeth assessment and wisdom teeth removal. We can help with all aspects of wisdom teeth:

  • Assessing your teeth and gums
  • Arranging X-rays to see the position of your wisdom teeth under the gumline
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Wisdom teeth advice
  • Hygiene treatments and cleaning to protect the oral health of your third molars

We have also just welcomed a new dentist to our team, Dr Alex Timms. As well as offering wisdom teeth services, Dr Timms is experienced in a range of dental matters, including smile makeovers and same day crowns. He is recognised for his commitment to continued professional development and staying up to date with the latest technology in the dental field.

Dr Timms a well-liked dentist among Everton Hills patients – it’s also his gentle manner when conducting treatment and his desire to keep patients comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. The Everton Hills Dental team is glad to welcome Dr Timms on board and expand our clinic to service more of the community.

If you are looking for a dentist Mcdowall, dentist Mitchelton, dentist Stafford, dentist Keperra, dentist Gaythorne, or dentist Ferny Hills, our experienced dental team may be the most convenient dentists to assist you. Learn more about Dr Alex Timms and the rest of our team by visiting our team page.

For more information about our Everton Hills Dental services, including wisdom teeth removal, smile makeovers and same day crowns, contact our team on (07) 3354 1448 or book an appointment online today.


At Everton Hills Dental, we know that your smile can have an enormous impact on your self-confidence, comfort, ability to eat and drink normally, and your overall happiness. Not only is our Brisbane dental clinic focused on providing the best family dentist services and advanced cosmetic dentistry in Brisbane. Here are ten tips for brighter smile.

1. Remove a few particular ‘baddies’ from your diet.

Certain foods and drinks are known to cause teeth staining and increase your risk of tooth decay. Reduce your intake of alcohol, quitting or limiting smoking, and drinking tea and coffee less frequently. This will have a better chance of whiter teeth.

2. Visit a dentist near me every six months, or whenever you experience change and discomfort.

One of the best tips for brighter smile is to visit your dentist near me twice every year, as this ensures your dentist can stay atop any existing or arising complications in your mouth. A hygiene treatment may also be recommended by your dentist to comprehensively clean your mouth and remove any build up of plaque in those hard-to-reach areas.

3. Don’t settle for a dentist that makes you feel uncomfortable.

If you attend a Brisbane dental clinic that is rough or unfriendly, you will be less inclined to visit biannually. At Everton Hills Dental, we pride ourselves on being a gentle dentist everton park, and our team are committed to complete patient care. It’s our goal to help people who suffer from dental anxiety to feel relaxed and comfortable during their visit. In fact, many of our patients enjoy visiting our team as we leave their mouth feeling better than ever!

4. Consider seeing a cosmetic dentist for teeth straightening and teeth whitening solutions.

The quickest and most effective way to enhance your smile is with cosmetic dental treatments. There is a broad range of treatment types available in Brisbane dental clinics, and the technology used by dentists is continually advancing and evolving for the benefit of the client. Our team can offers treatments including: full mouth rehabilitation and smile makeovers, teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants and more.

5. Consume a balanced and nutritious diet.

Cosmetic dentistry might not be everybody’s cup of tea. There are several ways you can improve your smile naturally and without spending an extra dollar. The best way to ensure a healthy smile is by eating a wholesome and diverse diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Not only keep your oral health in top-notch shape, but also allow the body to feel energized and satisfied.

6. Brush twice a day is one of the best tips for brighter smile.

This point may seem a little obvious, but it’s easy to become lazy or complacent. Brushing your twice per day will reduce your likelihood of tooth decay and the need for white fillings. In addition to that, our Everton dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush. Flossing will remove plaque and food from tight areas of your mouth and keep your smile clear.

7. Address tooth pain, bleeding gums and oral discomfort as soon as it arises.

Pain isn’t normal, so it’s critical that you see your Brisbane dentist to investigate thoroughly. Solve the issue before it turns into something more serious. Bleeding gums may be a sign of early gum disease, which can often be nipped in the bud if you visit dentist suddenly.

8. Don’t engage with DIY at-home cosmetic treatments.

The best dentists in Brisbane all know that tacky, unprofessional, at-home dental treatments can do more harm that good for your mouth. If you want to improve your smile, chat to your local family dental clinic about safe and effective options.

9. Protect your teeth to the best of your ability.

Preventative dentistry is the key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, and there are a number of actions you can take to safeguard your smile. For example, when playing high contact sports, wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth from chips and damage.

10. Ask for personalised tips and advice from your trusted Brisbane dental clinic.

Finally, our popular dental clinic in Everton Hills is loved by the community because of our gentle dental care and willingness to help patients of all types. No matter if you have a specific (or small) budget to work with, an entire family needing treatment, a particular dental anxiety that is holding you back. We are ready to assist you and provide a personalised plan or pieces of advice to suit your needs. Our holistic approach to dental care ensures that every patient can receive the help they need, all while being comfortable and relaxed.

Contact our friendly team on (07) 3354 1448 to book an appointment today or visit our Facebook or Instagram page.

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