What Are Common Dental Problems For Children?

September 15, 2021 by Everton Hills Admin

In their young, developmental years, children experience a lot of change in their mouth. As such, it is common for children to have oral complications and require the advice of a specialist family dentist.

Some of the most common problems we see in children’s mouths include: tooth decay (often resulting from too many sugary treats and a lack of teeth brushing), misalignment of teeth (which may be able to be fixed with orthodontic treatment), gum disease (due to ineffective brushing and flossing), and dental trauma (resulting from knocks and bumps while playing sport).

How to avoid common dental problems for children

At Everton Hills Dental, we know that preventing dental complications is much easier, more affordable, and less painful than having to correct them once the issue has already occurred. Preventative dentistry is important for sustaining good oral health and keeping your smile as bright as possible. Just some of the ways you can avoid oral health complications for children are listed below.

1. Regular check-ups at your dentist Everton Hills

The truth is that most dental diseases are preventable. We encourage you to schedule a check-up and clean for your children every six months so that issues such as tooth decay can be intercepted as early as possible.

2. Using fluoride toothpaste

If advised by your dentist Everton Park, fluoride solutions and fluoride toothpaste may help to prevent decay on your children’s teeth. It is a best alternative for teeth whitening treatment.

3. Considering fissure sealants as a preventative measure

Fissure sealants are further techniques and treatments that can help your family combat tooth decay before it starts. Dental sealants are essentially a thin coating that is placed over the grooves, pits and fissures of teeth to stop bacteria growing in these areas. The fissures are typically placed on back molars because this is the most common place that plaque builds up.  

4. Teach good oral hygiene

The best way to limit the likelihood of dental complications is by teaching your family about good oral hygiene. If you are struggling to teach your children (or need a little bit of help brushing up on your dental knowledge yourself!) you can ask our dentist Mitchelton to explain some basic oral hygiene practices to your children at their next dental check-up. We would be happy to help!

5. Wearing a mouthguard during high-contact sports

It’s common for children to chip or break their teeth while playing with friends and engaging in sports. The best way to avoid this happening is by encouraging your children to wear a custom-made mouthguard. You can chat to your dentist Everton Park about how to get a firm-fitting, effective mouthguard for your kids.

Everton Hills Dental for family dental care

Our team of expert dentists provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for you and your family to ensure your children can enjoy their visit to the dentist. We aim to engage children and teach them about what good oral hygiene involves, so they can make healthy decisions into their adulthood. Our extra friendly dentists always prioritise the comfort of your children above all else.

Many Everton Hills parents describe our team as going ‘above and beyond’ to enable the best possible dental care for their children. If you would like to book an appointment for your children or family, you can contact our dentists or book online today. We are your trusted dentist Everton Park, dentist Everton Hills, dentist near me, dentist McDowall, dentist Mitchelton, dentist Stafford, dentist Keperra, dentist Gaythorne, dentist Ferny Hills. Contact us on (07) 3354 1448 today.

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