What Is Causing Your Tooth Ache?


Tooth aches can be frustrating, painful and nerve-wracking. If you are currently experience pain around your teeth and gums, you will probably be wondering what the cause of the pain is and how you can eliminate it. In the blog article, we have listed some of the major contributors to toothache, which may help you grasp an idea of what could be causing the discomfort.

It’s important to note that tooth aches are not normal, so you should try to see your dentist as soon as possible if you notice significant pain around your teeth or gums. Our Everton Hills dentists can examine your mouth and identify the cause of any pain. We will then be able to offer a tailored treatment plan to alleviate your pain and fix any oral issues you are experiencing.

If your oral pain is so intense that you are unable to eat, talk, or go to work/school, you should contact our dentist near me so we can book you into an emergency appointment. We will rearrange our schedule to ensure we can see you as soon as possible and address any problems you may be having. In the meantime, a cold compress and standard anti-inflammatory medicine may help to reduce your toothache.

1. Wisdom teeth eruption.

Wisdom teeth commonly cause oral pain as they start to move and erupt from the gums. These third molars are positioned at the rear of your jaw and generally start to appear around the ages of 16-25. If your oral pain is occurring at the back of your mouth and you are yet to have your wisdom teeth come through, this could potentially be the reason for your pain.

It’s important that you visit your Everton Hills dentist so they can conduct x-rays of your mouth and determine whether your wisdom teeth need to be extracted or not. If the molars are impacted or infected, it’s highly likely that your dentist will recommend wisdom teeth removal.

2. Gum disease.

In some rare cases, gum disease or toothache can cause tooth sensitivity and oral pain. The more common symptoms of gum disease include bleeding and swelling around the gums. Thankfully, gum disease can often be reversed in its early stages if you seek oral hygiene advice from your dentist near me.

3. Tooth decay.

Severe tooth decay can sometimes be known to cause tooth pain. Your dentist may recommend that you have fillings or dental restorations to overcome a decaying tooth.

4. Dental infection.

Soreness around your teeth could be a sign of infection. It’s very important that you have dental infections addressed as soon as possible by your dentist Everton Hills, dentist McDowall, dentist Mitchelton, dentist Stafford, dentist Keperra, dentist Gaythorne or dentist Ferny Hills, so the infection doesn’t spread throughout the mouth or cause further damage.

5. Tooth or jaw injury.

It’s common for mouth trauma, such as a collision or injury, to cause oral pain. An appointment at your dentist Everton Park will allow the problem to be identified and dealt with accordingly. Depending on the specifics of your injury, your dentist near me may recommend dental restorations or general pain medicine to deal with the toothache.

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