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Am I brushing and flossing properly? It might surprise you just how often your Everton Park dentist will detect an abnormality in how you brush or floss. It will show in your areas or plaque and tooth decay, in teeth discoloration, and in gum health. Your dentist can also advise on the best toothpaste to use, the best toothbrush, and on any treatments to boost your oral health. How regularly should I get a dental
Dental erosion is a common issue, but the public are not necessarily aware of the existence of the  erosion they may be experiencing. In this article, our dentist Everton Hills will be explaining the signs you may have dental erosion, what causes it, how you can prevent it, and what you can do to treat damage caused by erosion. What Is Dental Erosion And What Causes Dental Erosion? In basic terms, erosion refers to the
Your teeth have inner and outer sections. Some people who have not studied dentistry may assume that the tooth is hard the whole way through, but this is not the case. As your dentist Gaythorne will tell you, each tooth has a hard outer layer called dentine, which forms a protected inside chamber. Dental pulp fills this chamber and consists of blood vessels and nerves. During childhood, dental pulp is important for nourishing teeth and
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Our Dentist Everton Hills is often asked this question and our answer is yes. Flossing is an essential part of any dental care routine, along with tooth brushing and need to floss everyday for maintaining a healthy diet and nutrition. The main cause of gum disease and of tooth cavities is the build up of plaque on teeth and around gums. We need to floss everyday for removing food and plaque that enters places where
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In their young, developmental years, children experience a lot of change in their mouth. As such, it is common for children to have oral complications and require the advice of a specialist family dentist. Some of the most common problems we see in children’s mouths include: tooth decay (often resulting from too many sugary treats and a lack of teeth brushing), misalignment of teeth (which may be able to be fixed with orthodontic treatment), gum
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